E-Z Excavating, Inc. has been in the industry for 40 years and is family owned and operated. E-Z Potholing uses the state of the art VacMaster 4000 air vacuum excavators. Using the best equipment available allows us the fastest, safest, cleanest and most economical way to expose utilities without damage to the utilities or the road base.

E-Z Utility Potholing is dedicated to prompt efficient safe service. We offer more than just “potholing/discover”. We offer detailed data collection with clear concise reporting methods that we provide in a comprehensive, professional format.

Potholing Services

Water & Air Potholing (up to 14 FT deep)

Core Drill Concrete and Asphalt (up to 10” dia.)

Slot Trenching

Manhole, Value Box, & Vault Cleanout

Disposal of Soils

Complete Documentation

(As-builts, Permits, Locates, Pictures)

Traffic Control

Why Use Utility Potholing?

Minimize construction delays

Reduce utility relocation

Provide sub-surface utility data

Does not harm utilities or road base

Easy to back fill and resurface

The most environmentally safe way to dig

Less disruptive to property

Efficient State of the art equipment